Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Investment going toward cloud computing and business software

Cloud computing an specifically cloud software is an extremely hot commodity at the moment with plenty of Angel investment going to business plans focussing on cloud technology. The use of cloud computing has spread extremely fast specifically due to the huge benefits it holds for clients using the new technology for online business development especially. Companies around the globe including Google, Microsoft, business plan software providers and a host of others have all very quickly adopted cloud computing.
In the last weeks, Internet based physician SaaS purveyor CareCloud announces today a $5 million round of funding coming after a modest $2.3 round in January of this year.
Says CareCloud President and CEO Albert Santalo“We are delighted with the outpouring of support from our investors. They share our passion and vision to revolutionize the healthcare experience with our digital ecosystem.”
A cloud-based app suite, CareCloud attempts to modernize the process of being a healthcare provider; physicians can use CareCloud’s web-based apps to streamline the managing of their businesses as well as collaborate with other doctors in the CareCloud’s healthcare provider social network.
This most recent round of CareCloud financing is notable because it is entirely from angel investors, with no participation from traditional VCs. Says CareCloud Director of Marketing Mike Cuesta, “A lot of the investors are new, but in terms of the names, we decided not to mention anyone in specific as there really isn’t anyone who is a ‘celebrity angel’, per se.”
According to Santalo, CareCloud plans on using the money to bolster software development and infrastructure to manage the “explosive growth” the service has had since their last series of funding and product launch in March. We've seen plenty of business plan funding go to cloud computing in recent months.
With internet infrastructures fast becoming very accessible, reliable, affordable and widely available with high connection speeds the sky really is the limit in terms of where this will go.

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