Wednesday, August 6, 2008

What's the deal with Micro Funding?

Micro funding is something that you have probably read allot about recently. Is this something you should be interested as an entrepreneur or offering as an investor?

Angel Investors microFunding brings together investors, managers, and inventors.

Micro Funding is a wholly new way to help fund great business ideas. It really increases the chances of finding money for an idea, and making it into a serious business success. The rewards are based upon the well proven formula of at least ‘30 for the inventor, 30 for the investor and 30 for the management’.

Inventors are motivated to share their ideas securely and confidentially.

Managers are motivated to put their time and reputation behind only great ideas with a real chance of succeeding, and his rewards arrive only on a profitable exit – and the sooner the better for everyone!

Investors are motivated to invest in ideas backed by experienced managers offering a lower risk/reward ratio.

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